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Super Lube Aerosol - 11 oz. Dri Film (11016)

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Super Lube DRI-FILM lubricant contains sub-micron sized particles of PTFE powder in a solvent base. When applied, the solvent carrier cleans and carries the dry lubricant powder to the components to be lubricated, then evaporates very rapidly, leaving behind a protective shield lubricant that will not attract dust. The dry coating provides a low coefficient of friction which gives excellent lubrication and release properties. Super Lube DRI-FILM can be used on wood, paper, glass, rubber, fabric, leather, vinyl, metal and most plastics not under stress. It has excellent thermal and chemical stability, forming a natural insulating barrier when used on electronics. Approved under MIL-L-60326 (MU) amendment 1. NOTE: AEROSOLS CANNOT SHIP BY AIR! IF YOU ORDER THIS PRODUCT AS PART OR ALL OF AN ORDER, SELECT ONLY "GROUND" SHIPPING METHOD.

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